You and Your Hair

Every hair and scalp problem needs special treatment. We treat all hair disorders and all types of hair loss

  • Scaling 
  • Dandruff 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Dermatitis 
  • Male pattern hair loss 
  • Female pattern hair loss 
  • Alopecia 
  • plus any other abnormal condition of the scalp and hair.  

Hair is a serious business and it requires your serious attention every day. Everything in your life affects your hair, more things than you know can cause damage to your hair.
Water and the chemical additives it contains can injure your hair, as can the wrong shampoo or conditioner.
Brushing can hurt it, as can using the wrong kind of comb.
Environmental pollution, drugs, sunlight, sexual frustration, disease, tension, career or family stress, what you eat or do not eat, age, exercise or the lack of it, hair dyes, perms, curling tongues, blow dryers, steam heat, bacterial infections, fungal infections, viruses, humidity, pregnancy, menopause, hormones, wigs, certain hairstyles,marriage, divorce, promotion, demotion, the death of some one close, the birth of a child.

The hair of every client is examined microscopically

The hair of every client is examined microscopically

All will affect your hair for good or for ill.
From your prenatal life in your mothers womb, through childhood, adulthood and from there through maturity into old age, your hair and scalp respond to all that touches your life.
Thus modem effective hair care must be holistic. It must take into account your entire life, your past and present, your future plans and hopes. How you present lifestyle and how you seek to change your life.
Many of the hair problems that you may have in your life time will be only indirectly related to what most people consider the traditional causes of a hair disorder, infection or poor shampoo or shampooing.
A male partner may suddenly have heavy hair fall or bad dandruff, only to discover that it is a result of stress over his wife's pregnancy. A baby might have severe cradle cap because of his mothers milk.
A young women may suffer bald patches as a psychological reaction to neglect of an older women may undergo massive hair loss caused by a hormonal imbalance.
Proper hair care depends not only on shampooing, conditioning and correct care methods, but on adequate knowledge, treatment whether carried out at home or by a qualified hair consultant.
In order to protect the public from the many unethical hair clinics that have sprung up in many of our major cities, the registered trichologist will always follow a strict code of ethics. You will be charged a consultation fee and if clinical treatment is recommended, you will pay for each in-clinic treatment when it is carried out. This keeps. the control of your finances in your own pocket
Some non registered clinics will offer a free consultation as an inducement to get you into their premises. They will then offer treatment requesting pre -payment, which can run into hundreds of pounds. A qualified trichologist is not allowed to do this, so "pay as you go" means that you are in full control of your finances.
During consultation a registered trichologist will examine your hair and scalp and may take samples for microscopical examination. He will ask questions about your general health and medical history, your diet, lifestyle and how you look after your hair. He may decide that blood testing of hormone levels, thyroid or iron levels are necessary or that your diet needs adjusting. All in all it is a holistic consultation, not just a hair and scalp examination. The idea is to seek out the cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptom.

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